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How does VideoOculograph work?

VideoOculograph allows to:
•   Perform frame-by-frame mathematical processing of eyes trajectories
•   Reveal pathological conditions of oculomotor apparatus
•   Treat strabismus by exercise of eye muscles
•   Remove nystagmus by means of periodic programmable light exposure with automatically individually adjustable characteristics
•   Determine reliability of provided by respondent information by spontanious eye micro movements
•   Identify alcoholic and narcotic intoxication by pupils reaction

Thus VideoOculograph is 1-st intelligent portable device on base of computer vision and machine learning for reliable health diagnostics by eye moves and pupils' reaction and noninvasive treatment of eye pathologies if such were revealed just simply by programmable light stimulation. No surgery risks or rehabilitation period at all.

High reliable diagnostics exam of several diseases by eyes is now obtainable where you need it and any time you want. You can detect and receive the diagnostic protocol data on your PC, touch pad, or smartphone through VideoOculograph mobile app as well and even test someone from any point of the world by analysis of eyes' video tape he provided.

VideoOculograph is automatic and easy to operate with: simply choose the diagnostic algorithm and press the start button. The protocol with diagnostic data is available within 5 min. Begin the treatment procedure when ready if eye pathology was revealed. Same time you can test someone from any point of world. For this it's just enough to upload to device, interactive platform or app. the video of his eyes from at least 120 fps camera.

Don't let your precious diagnostic data  get lost, use VideoOculograph™ to analyze and track trends, catch changes early with unprecedented simplicity. You can order your personal device for $2350 or just get an exam for $25 only. Find the delivery details at contacts page. Experience vision healthcare like never before and make it more efficient! Bring healthcare overall to the next level with us!

Partners & Team

Clinic of Eye Diseases of Razumovskiy SSMU

Fedorov ISTC «Eye Microsurgery»

Helmholtz Moscow Research Institute of Eye Diseases

Chernishevskiy National Research Saratov State University

Awards & Medals

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