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Eye Tracking, Eye Patologies Diagnostics & Treatment

Lie Detection by Eye Movements

by video of eyes

$25 for exam

Release from nystagmus without any surgery!

Features & Benefits

Highly Accurate

Computer video diagnostics has an average accuracy up to 98% for videos from 200 fps cameras

Complete Analytics & Reporting

Individual patients medical cards with video database for accurate treatment effectiveness tracking

Non-Invasive Eye Pathologies Treatment

No surgery risks and long rehabilitation period. 

We have more than 520 cases of treated patients with nystagmus already

Remote Diagnostics by Video 

Diagnostics under supervision of doctor from any point of world

Fast Results & Cost-Effective

VideoOculograph allows to test or conduct treatment procedures for at least 12 people/day

Simple to Use

VideoOculograph gives onscreen instructions during test or treatment procedure and doesn't require long or expencive training

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